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loving the fall leaves

Beautiful fall leaves.

jellyfish collection no.3

Allium Giganteum also known as giant onion

Anonymous asked:
come back?

Come back to where?

Toledo, Spain

Stained glass in Capilla de Villaviciosa, a Mosque in Cordoba, Spain

jellyfish collection no.1

leonotis-deactivated20140306 asked:
Aaah okay, wasnt planning to do that anyways. Cool

Mhm :)

leonotis-deactivated20140306 asked:
wait so are we not allowed to reblog stuff from you? ): i love your blog. i just started a new one and deleted an old edm blog i had going for like little over a year.

you can, I just meant don’t steal the pictures and put them up somewhere else and take credit for it